Unlike many people‚Äôs expectations, good sex is not about age; it’s about the experience. There was once a man whose age was above 50 years old. Since his wife died, he was starved of sex for a long time. One day, the old man decided to satisfy his sexual desires and hired an escort from London Escort. The old man had booked a very pretty and sexy escort for a night. He went to the agreed hotel, and the lady did not disappoint. She came on time and was dressed to kill. When the man saw him, his heart skipped a bit. On the contrary, the lady was bemused as she did not expect the guy to be that old. She was certain that the man would not do excellently in bed as many young men do. But she was surprised to learn how well he did it. In fact, he did better than a bunch of younger clients she had been with.

The lady expected him to remove her pants right on, but that was not the case. He started fondling her ears with one of his hands as the other caressed her back. He laid her on the bed and started kissing the back of her ears. His tongue moved slowly from her ears and rested on her neck for few minutes. He caressed her boobs, and within no time, he removed her dress and his fingers rested on her nipples. He moved his tongue over her nipples as one of his hands massaged her belly. He then moved her tongue to the belly as the hand shifted to her thighs. The lady was screaming and the more she groaned, the more he continued with the game. He removed her already wet pants, and he took much of his time there. He started by caressing her wet vagina and after a short time, he careless her clit. He moved his mouth towards her vagina and sighed.

He licked her clit the same way a baby licks ice-cream, and this left the lady screaming and calling him all the sweet names she knew. After feasting on her wet vagina for a while, he laid on top of her and his erected penis found its way into her. He started with a missionary position and used other four positions interchangeably. His fifth position was the spork position. He was facing her groan and enjoying the penetration. With more than 12 minutes gone already, she held his neck with her hands, and he knew it was time. He released himself for a maximum climax.

The escort failed to understand how such an old man could be so excellent in bed than any of her partners. She understood that old is gold and that experience has value. She left the hotel full of merry and wished to be invited by the same man time and time again.

An Old Man And His Time With An Escort
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